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Editors and authors of this site about the "Nucleus Approach"

Presently, the following presented persons are participating in the elaboration and organization of this site. Other interested parties are welcome!

Amina Yoosuf

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Since mid-2007 she is Executive Director of the NEF - Nucleus Entrepreneurs Foundation in Kandy.
After having worked in a GTZ-funded project for the training of women and youths she joined in 2004 the ESSP and implemented the Nucleus Approach in the Central Region of Sri Lanka.

Jairo Aldo da Silva

Joinville, Brazil
Philosophy and literature
Portuguese, Spanish

Freelancer. Since 1992, he is involved in the development and dissemination of the Nucleus Approach, first as Counsellor and then as CEO of the ACE Brusque. In 1996, he joined the Fundação Empreender, first as technician, later as managing director. He executed training and consultancy missions in many Brazilian states, in Nicaragua, Uruguay and Chile.

Jordi Castan Baneras

Joinville, Brazil
Landscape design, cut foliage production
Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, English, French

Entrepreneur. Since 1992, he is involved in the development and dissemination of the Nucleus Approach. Member and president of one of the first Nuclei; member of the board of directors of the ACE Joinville; founding member of several regional and national professional associations; Secretary for Economy of the town of Joinville, president of a public company for urban development; founding member of a wholesale market for ornamental plants. He provided training and consulting to international projects and chambers in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Senegal.

Simone Lehmann

Bonn, Germany
Business Administrator
German, English

Freelancer. She worked in Germany for a public SME development bank. From 2002 until 2006, she was involved in the implementation of the Nucleus Approach in Sri Lanka. Since 2007 she is preparing the application of the approach in Vietnam.

Rainer Müller-Glodde

Dakar, Senegal
Banking, Business Administration
German, English, Portuguese, French

Freelancer. He worked at a federation of social organizations and in Germany as well as in West Africa for the NGO  German Freedom from Hunger Campaign. Since 1990, he has been involved in the development of the Nucleus Approach in the framework of the partnership project between the Chamber of Crafts and Small Industries for Munich and Upper Bavaria and Brazilian business chambers / Fundação Empreender, Joinville. From 2002 to 2007 he accompanied the implementation of the Nucleus Approach in Sri Lanka and from 2006 to 2007 in Algeria. In addition, he led a number of consultancies in other Latin American and African countries, which were all around the development of SMEs and chambers.