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The Nucleus of Entrepreneurs
in a Business Chamber

Core element of the Nucleus Approach is the Nucleus of entrepreneurs. Here is a short description what the Nucleus is and how it works.

Entrepreneurs, who have something in common, can create a Nucleus in a business chamber or association.

Presently most are Sector Nuclei - carpenters, cut foliage producers, printers, etc. 

But also entrepreneurs of different sectors who have a common topic can create a Nucleus - women, young entrepreneurs, human resources, environment, etc. - see Nucleus Types

The chamber counsellor

  moderates the discussions of the Nucleus so that it gets a good quality without any blah blah ...

  counsels the Nucleus members in technology, business administration and management

  organises the activities of the Nucleus - meetings, visits, training courses, etc.

  and if s/he is good and sufficient qualified s/he does also consulting in the Nucleus enterprises in order to solve individual problems

The Nucleus entrepreneurs identify their common problems and discuss solutions.

Example: low quality of raw material!
- where is it bought?
- are there other suppliers?
- can the material be substituted?
- what are the effects of the low quality?
- how behaves better quality?
- who knows other solutions?

Information from other entrepreneurs have big advantages:

  it is cheap - it costs no money, only a little bit of time

  information from an entrepreneur have high credibility: 
- the entrepreneur knows about what s/he is talking about
- the information bases on own experiences

The Nucleus works efficiently only if all participating entrepreneurs play an open game and put everything openly on the table - even the "business secrets".

Do they do this even when the other entrepreneur is not seen only as a competitor but frequently also as a "personal enemy"?

Yes! They do! - more