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Here are some statements of chamber chairpersons and of Nucleus SMEs about their experiences and perceptions concerning the Nuclei and the impact on their chambers and enterprises.

Comments made by Chamber Chairpersons

Comments made by Nucleus Entrepreneurs

Through the Nuclei are growing new entrepreneurial leaders. Therefore I see now our chamber stronger and with a renewed leadership.

Joaquim Bortoti
President ACE Assis Chateaubriand

Even my workers started to change because they are not any more ashamed to say: 
“I am a Carpenter !"

Dalmir Tomazelli
Carpentry Don Mária

The “Project Entrepreneur” represents the end of our organisation‘s image as pure lobby institution. It is the start of the idea to change the chamber into a centre of enterprise development

Idalino Megott
President ACEA Francisco Beltrão, PR

We elaborated a questionnaire for the Nucleus members in order to carry out evaluations in the enterprises. 26 automobile workshops started improvements

Elvis Ludwig
Automobile Workshop Prevencar

We always knew how to lobby, but there was a gap – service. The “Project Entrepreneur” helps us to provide the members with real and practical services, which support the sectors in technology and organisation

Júlio Lattmann
President ACE Pato Branco, PR

Through the Nucleus I learnt to know the market better and now I am with more confidence to invest

Sebastião Stahelin
Hairdresser Tião
expanded significantly his enterprise

Through the professionalization of the chamber, the employment of qualified counsellors, we are able to supply our members with more and better services

Augusto S. Sperotto
President ACE Toledo

I do not know where I would be ... But I restarted my enterprise in a more organised form

Dário Bergemann
Garden Maintenance da Ilha
after having passed through a series of difficulties with his staff

The counsellor should not feel frustrated when things seem to stop. Never make a comparison between two meetings only, but compare at least one year. The changes come with time ….

President ACI Xanxerê, SC

The members of the Nucleus started even to involve themselves in social and community activities

Sebastião Stahelin
Tião Hairdresser
started a campaign to produce wigs for persons
who passed through chemotherapy

The Nucleus – that is our school for future leaders of our chamber

Roberto Breithaupt
President of the federation
of ACEs of Santa Catarina

I worked and worked and worked … but it did not give in return the feeling that I was entrepreneur

Juvenal Micheluzzi
Restaurant Mime

The traditional formula for chambers is outdated. If it does not supply the members with products and services, the organisation will not continue to exist. The “Project Entrepreneur” conveys the direction and a new vision

Gilmar P. Tomasson
President ACE Dois Vizinhos

I did not believe much in training, however, the participation in the Nucleus provoked my interest in training courses, speeches, trade fares, etc. Today, when I know about an event and I cannot participate, I feel disturbed

Nivaldo Rupp
Carpentry NR

I did not know that the SMEs need and want us

Martins Fidelis
CEO of the ACE Joinville / SC

Alone I would have never dared to enter into the Technical Training Centre!

A Sri Lankan Light Engineer
during the stainless steel-welding course

The Nucleus is an optimal tool for us to provide real services to our members. Our membership already increased by 10%

Jorge Osmarine
President ACI Mal. Cândido Rondon

The exchange of information between us facilitated our preparation for changes in the companies which were necessary and overdue

Juvenal Micheluzzi
Restaurant Mime

With the Nuclei the Association turns into an organisation with talented persons what eases the decision taking for us

Valter Orsi
President ACE Londrina / PR

All this work led to a a more trustful relationship between me and my clients

Dalmir Tomazelli
Carpentry Don Maria

For us the “Programme Entrepreneur” fell from heaven. A gift. Up to now our membership increased by 30%, and look, at present we run only four Nuclei

Idalino Megott
President ACEA Francisco Beltrão / PR

We took our workers to Sao Paulo in order to visit trade fares and other companies sharing ideas, visions …

Dário Bergemann
Garden Maintenance da Ilha

What makes the difference in a project or institution, are the persons

Ilgo Welp (†)
CEO ACE Mafra / SC

The Nucleus served as injection of motivation – before I was only thinking in to continue working

Nivaldo Rupp
Carpentry NR

This Nucleus work, this is really a great gift!!

Denise Barata
Shoe shop - Cascavel / PR


We participate in the elaboration of technical norms which in future will be available for the whole sector

Elvis Ludwig
Automobile workshop Prevencar
participates in a workgroup of a national
institution for the definition of norms


I ask for information in my Nucleus in order to use the opportunities – this is a real wonder! – My father was owner of a workshop for long time and I never saw him talking with someone about his work

Neilor Buhl
Gerauto - Fraiburgo / SC

  I learned through my Nucleus of Light Engineering that I am not only a producer of machines but also an entrepreneur!

 D. Chandararatne, Dharshana Iron Works Galewela, Matale, Sri Lanka