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Since 1991 Nuclei of entrepreneurs are installed in business chambers and associations in Brazil and other countries. From one of these countries we received from a specialist in this field a collection of rules and recommendations, how a Nucleus member can contribute efficiently and in the right form to finish with the Nucleus. Unfortunately the author did not reveal his / her identity.

Have fun but do not take everything serious!

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How to finish with a Nucleus Basic Rules

1.  Never participate in a Nucleus meeting!

2.  If you asked to come to the Nucleus meeting confirm strongly your participation, but do not appear!

3.  If you participate, at least arrive late!

4.  If the weather is bad, do not participate!

5.  If possible stress mistakes and defaults in the Nucleus and of its members!

6.  Do not contribute to the discussions with positive and constructive proposals. Afterwards tell everyone that the Nucleus serves for nothing!

7.  Mention always that the Nucleus Counsellor is useless! But never try to explain what you expect from the counsellor!

8.  Never accept a compromise. It is easier to criticize than to realize something!

9.  Complain always about the high membership fees and high costs of the Nucleus activities! Explain that you do not have the money to pay them. But never forget to show your brand new vehicle or to tell about your last holidays in a foreign country!

10. Complain, if you are not proposed for a certain position in the Nucleus!

11. If you are proposed for a certain position in the Nucleus, reject it!

12. If you are asked, say that you do not have a defined opinion. Later explain how things should be done!

13. When other Nucleus members offer to help, do not do anything and complain saying that the Nucleus is controlled by a small group!

14. Never pay your chamber membership fees! Thus, nobody can profit from your money.

15. Do not disseminate the successes of your Nucleus, but its mistakes!

16. If events are organised, do not participate!

17. If events are not organised, say, that the Nucleus is finished!

18. Never read the information you receive, but complain if you do not get them!

19. If your phone number or address changes do not inform anybody. Keep this information as secret!

20. If you are interested to lead the Nucleus as chairperson present yourself as candidate. If you loose the election say that it was manipulated!

21. If you are elected as chairperson do not study the history and the past experiences of the Nucleus. You have the absolute right to repeat all the mistakes of your predecessors and the chairpersons of other Nuclei!

22. As chairperson make clear to everyone that you are the leader and decide everything and that the others serve as extras only!

23. Always stress that the Nucleus is very good and that only the members disturb!

24. As chairperson never try to solve problems and conflicts! Presumably you will not win anything. Instead, leave this to your successor!

25. Always complain that nobody is doing anything for you! And never do something for others!

26. Tell everyone that the Nucleus is dead! Then it will die really very fast.

27. ...