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28.08.09 - NF - Sri Lanka: Nucleus Entrepreneur Exchange: sustainable peace building through economic and social integration

Implemented by the Nucleus Foundation
Supported by FLICT (Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Transformation)

Given the conflict situation existing in Sri Lanka until recently it is on the agenda of many organisations to contribute to peace building through formation of alliances between those in the north and east and the rest of the country. The Nucleus approach is used here not only as a tool for enterprise development but also as a tool to encourage inter ethnic and inter regional exchange between Nucleus entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs working in ethnically isolated communities have little empathy for other communities. When persons of such communities are exposed to the Nucleus Approach where they exchange ideas and experiences and learn from each other they develop not only business linkages but also develop relationships that cut across ethnic lines, and while increasing incomes they also lead to more economic and social integration and exchanges between the communities contributing to peace building in a sustainable manner.

The approach followed in promoting this exchange includes:

  • Creating Inter ethnic business linkages to promote better understanding between the different ethnic groups in Ampara district where Entrepreneurs of one ethnic group participate in joint Nucleus activities with others from different ethnic groups within the district.

  • Increasing networking between ethnic groups and regions creating more economic and social interaction where Special events are conducted to develop and encourage cross regional business linkages also leading to more social interaction, networking and integration between entrepreneurs in the target areas

  • Entrepreneurs in Ampara district who are organised in Nucleus groups exchange know how and ideas with other entrepreneurs from the other Provinces through cross visits and participating in common activities.

  • National and regional media coverage is provided to these initiatives in the Sinhala, Tamil and English media (news papers, radio) in order to increase public awareness and promote this type of interaction while encouraging more persons to join this process

  • The learning experiences of the program is shared and disseminated among interested groups and a model is developed to engage entrepreneurs in conflict areas into peace building efforts

 Nucleus Entrepreneur Exchange (pdf)

 Nucleus Entrepreneur Exchange (ppt)

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