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22.07.10 - Ampara, Sri Lanka

Amina Yoosuf: Nucleus Gives Back…

To mark Wesak (the day commemorating the birth, death and enlightenment of the Lord Buddha) Nucleus entrepreneurs in Ampara participated in a Shramadana (voluntary labour activities to develop their community). This activity took place at the Ampara Uhana Childrens Home for the differently abled.

After cleaning the premises and the garden of the home a Bodhi Pooja was held to invoke blessings on the home. Later the Nucleus members had lunch with the inmates and officials of the home. In the evening the Nucleus group together with Children’s’ Home group participated in an entertainment line up where songs and dances took place.

During the program a welder from Maruthamunai bought a huge box of chocolate and biscuits and distributed them among the children’s home members, which they welcomes very much.

One of the highlights was that some Nucleus members came forward individually to help the children’s home in future in many ways. They were happy that they got an opportunity of spending their time with these children. Some of them had brought their wives and families too for this event.