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Starting the Application of the Nucleus Approach: shall one begin with smaller, weaker and less organised enterprises?

Martin Strähle, bfz Hof, writes concerning the application of the Nucleus Approach in textile associations in Pakistan: “The idea concerning Nuclei is to work first with smaller, less professionally organised enterprises in order to gain experiences and to integrate later medium enterprises.

The strategy sounds reasonable: at the beginning the counsellors are inexperienced and insecure. In comparison with the owners of bigger and more advanced enterprises those of smaller and weaker ones might be less demanding concerning the performance of the counsellor. They are “easier” to handle. Therefore, when the first Nuclei are created with such entrepreneurs the counsellors gain experiences in the moderation and management of Nuclei. And after a learning period they can dare the creation of Nuclei with more demanding entrepreneurs.

But following this strategy we encountered a serious problem: the Nuclei got very fast the reputation of being something for the micro, weaker and poorer enterprises only and not for the bigger and more advanced ones.

The consequences:

  • It became difficult to convince the owners of the medium enterprises to join Nuclei.

  • It became more difficult to convince the chambers’ leaders to invest in qualified and well paid counsellors the “cheap” counsellor is good enough for the micros …

  • It became almost impossible to change this reputation of the Nuclei as being for the micros and small ones.


  • Start as early as possible with a Nucleus of bigger and more advanced enterprises. If possible consider the participation of one or more board members of the chamber / association.

  • At least one counsellor should have right away the qualification and personality for being capable to work with more demanding entrepreneurs after the first training in moderation and management of Nuclei.

  • If there is a project team: consider the possibility that one of the team members manages the Nucleus for some time or does it together with a counsellor.

  • Do everything that the first Nucleus with advanced enterprises becomes a success. See also Which sector is suited for the foundation of a Nucleus? A Checklist

05/06/2009 - MueGlo