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FaQ concerning Nuclei

Does it make sense to request from the the Nucleus entrepreneurs the elaboration of a vision for  the development of their enterprises during the first meeting(s)?

Clearly : No, it does not.

The entrepreneur who is able to present a qualified "vision" for the development of his / her enterprise does not need the Nucleus! S/he knows already what to do and how to do. - We never met such an entrepreneur in a Nucleus, independently whether s/he was the owner of a small or medium or big company.

The request for the presentation of a vision for the enterprise leads to unqualified, very general and abstract answers: growth, improved product quality, more work places, etc., things, which are popular in public and which the counsellor might like to hear but which do not have nothing to do with the reality of the respective enterprise. In addition, the request puts an immense pressure on the Nucleus participants because they are unprepared and asked to answer something what they normally are not able to answer. In most cultures this is extremely disrespectful. Consequently, the entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable what is contra productive for a successful start of a Nucleus.

Elements of a vision for the development of the enterprise - how will the enterprise look like in five years time? In ten years? - are the result of the Nucleus' work and not its beginning!

See the comments of entrepreneurs about their participation in a Nucleus.

To start a Nucleus with such a request is a typical idea of donors and SME supporting institutions. The work of entrepreneurs in a Nucleus, an open process, is not imaginable for donors, causes insecurity and mistrust. A common - useless - medicine against insecurity is planning and the request for planning.

25/07/2010 - MueGlo